Prospective Agents

AIMC is an agent-driven company. Its President and Chief Executive Officer, Mike White, its Chief Operating Officer, Tony Light, and its Chief Marketing Officer, Anthony Chapman all started their insurance careers as insurance agents. They know what is important to an agent to be successful in the senior market.

AIMC offers a group of carriers to the agent that meets each of the agent’s needs and that of the agent’s clients. Our insurance carriers have excellent reputations in the market and offer competitive rates and innovative products.

AIMC has cutting edge resources for its agents with a state-of-the-art agency portal, easy online contracting and e-applications for its agents’ clients. AIMC respects its agents and their business, and recognize the value that they bring to AIMC and each of its carriers. Why?  Because, AIMC was created by agents and managed by agents.

Let AIMC show how it is different from other marketing organizations and why AIMC should be your partner in the Senior Market.

Partner Companies:
CSI Life
Humana Achieve
Mutual of Omaha
Union Security Insurance Company (USIC)
Manhattan Life Insurance Company
CVS Health